Welcome to Spark-Fuel-Ignite, a university/museum/high school partnership to build the creative and collaborative economy in Philadelphia. Students from String Theory High School, Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber, and John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School will team up with a University of the Arts Prototyping class to explore an experiential prototype which will build awareness of how we define community and how design has impacted their experiences.

The project has two parts: the process and the product. First, working with representatives from the three partner institutions, the participants in this incubator will engage a “design thinking” – define, research, ideation, prototype, test, implement – to learn the skills needed for innovation and problem-solving, essential practices for this next generation. Second, or the product will be to develop and design interpretive “pop-up” exhibitions for a public audience within Philadelphia neighborhoods. The exhibits are to build a more broad awareness of community and ways design has supported needs. These exhibits will also be located at TFI and UArts to reach public audiences and in hopes to further provide a perpetual spark and next generation of interest.

Spark-Fuel-Ignite will develop a multi-level curriculum and “design thinking” process as a model for other institutions and community partnerships. The product or “pop-up” exhibitions will help build awareness of community issues, develop possible solutions while also developing the skills, career opportunities and networks to get involved.


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