Second start

Alexander and Tyrone
Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber

For the Space Team in SFI!, we’ve been discussing new ideas about how we can take  advantage of the current space we have at the Science Festival. So far, we know that the current space we have is at least 9 by 10 feet, which is not a lot of space. We wanted to make the space given to us creative by using the ideas that we’ve gathered as a team.

Over the year, we had some great ideas. Some were excellent and some needed a little back-up. However some of those ideas were selected and expanded  to make the best one yet. A few of those were the map and game idea. That’s when we decided to combine both and make a big carpet in the floor acting as a map. That way we are playing a game in Philadelphia and at home. Another idea was combing all of the different communities in Philly and adding that somehow to the finished project or the game. Because we recently started, and there are spatial challenges, there is not much developed yet, but we hope to do a lot more soon enough!


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