Instant iteration

Sam Nemazie
1st year grad student, Museum Exhibition Planning + Design
University of the Arts

The week of October 10th-14th, SFI worked with Design Philly and showcased our prototypes. There was a large crowd drawn of design enthusiasts to try out our prototypes. We had many different activities and prompts to do while interacting with our prototypes. One of the prompts that visitors were asked to contemplate on was “How would you explain this prototype to a family member?” The prompts were then written on sticky notes and placed nearby the prototyping pieces. We later used the sticky notes to change our prototypes to make them more user friendly.

One of the prototypes we changed was a “piñata” prototype. Originally our prototype was supposed to hang and visitors were asked to pull a string on the prototype to release a fact about family traditions. Because of the feedback from the event, we changed our prototype to be sitting on a table and you have to shake the piece to release a fact. We also added a hole at the top and asked visitors to add their own family traditions. Due to these add ons, visitors moderate the box and have a give and take relationship with the piece to share information about themselves and learn more about others.



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