Design Philadephia

Sarah Aman
2nd year grad student, Museum Exhibition Planning + Design
University of the Arts

Last Thursday we had our first public prototyping session as part of the SFI exhibition for Design Philadelphia. We displayed our cardboard creations and tested our ideas in the gallery with fellow students and visitors. It was exciting to see the progress everyone had made from last Friday and interact with prototypes from other groups. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun, and we mingled with the visitors to the gallery as they experienced our work. It was great to have our in-progress prototypes displayed next to the final exhibition from last year’s SFI program, which provided context for the prototyping process. It gave everyone an idea of what we were working toward and how these cardboard and duct-tape contraptions would evolve into a polished exhibition – eventually!

Our group had a relatively straightforward concept that was based on the idea of voting booths. We gave a prompt – “What does family mean to you?” – and provided notecards, markers, and tape for visitors to leave their responses on the walls of the cardboard booth. We got a good range of responses, though nearly all of which were on the ‘warm and fuzzy’ end of the spectrum such as “people who love and support you no matter what” or “food, fun, and laughter”. In our previous discussions we had hoped that the relative privacy of the booth would encourage people who perhaps didn’t have quite as ‘warm and fuzzy’ a concept of family to leave their responses as well. However, we soon realized that the way we set up the booth was still exposed and didn’t provide the privacy we were aiming for. This informed our thought process for the next iteration of our prototype, which will be on display at Art Sanctuary this Friday!


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