Constructing memories

Laura Frick
1st year grad student, Museum Exhibition Planning + Design
University of the Arts

On Monday of last week we primarily focused on developing materials to get the word out about our event at Art Sanctuary on October 21st. We worked on both print and electronic invitations to reach a broader audience. We also brainstormed a title, and decided on Your South of South. We thought this title would spark personal memories for our guests, therefore prepping them with material to share at the event!

On Friday we had our second meeting with the high schoolers. We got into our groups, and talked about our thoughts on the concept of family. With these thoughts in mind, we developed prototypes for our events on the 13th and 21st that would elicit meaningful responses from attendees. We came up with three great ideas, and everyone had a great time doing it!

Our group is prototyping a three-dimensional tree made from cardboard, paint, foam, paper and lots of glitter! We are asking visitors to write down their favorite family memories, and what the word family means to them on pre-cut leaves, and then to post those responses on the tree. We feel a multitude of these responses will give us a more rounded view of different family experiences within Philadelphia. We are also predicting that this prototype is an activity that all ages can enjoy, and that its aesthetic value will draw in many users. We are hoping the structure of the tree is robust enough that it can withstand a lot of visitor interaction! We are excited to see how these prototypes go over at the Design Philadelphia Open House on the 21st, and how they develop in the coming weeks!


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