Early prototyping lessons

Carly Hossler
1st year grad student, Museum Communication
University of the Arts

The intention of our prototype was to give students the opportunity to respond to a prompt about memory in an anonymous way. We created this poster with multiple “answer bubbles” to allow students and/or facility members to respond to the prompt “What is your favorite UARTS memory?”. We wanted to see that by having this sign easily accessible to students if this would be a good way to collect memories from members of the community once we begin our actual project. We thought this may be a good way to collect memories so that if we tried this for real with the South of South community, people would not feel pressured to answer by our presence.

Unfortunately, this idea did not go as planned. As I checked up on our large poster throughout the week, we seemed to be collecting more drawings of butts, poop and negative comments than actual memory related comments. I definitely learned that maybe (no offense to undergrads but..) leaving it unattended on a college campus wasn’t the best idea. Something I would change would be having this poster present at a community event and having someone constantly standing next to it to keep people from drawing butts on it.



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