Science Carnival

After months of planning, revising, scraping and starting over, the exhibition was prepared for its debut at the Science Carnival hosted by the Franklin Institute.

The final exhibition is a multi-sensory experience about home and our memories of home we usually describe using our five senses: taste, smell, touch, sound, and sight. The SFI! team created “terrariums of home” to share personal stories and memories. They also contributed family recipes that are their tastes of home. Visitors to the exhibition are asked to use a specially-crafted app to create playlists of home. They can also create their own terrarium of home by drawing and  writing on mason jar-shaped tags and placing them on display.

With the final product installation at the Science Carnival came moments of magic: parents helping children investigate terrariums, thoughtful meditation during the creation of personal playlists, and the sharing of ideas as families worked together to fill mason jar tags with drawings and stories.

More than 50,000 visitors walked through the Science Carnival at Penn’s Landing. Despite all of the traffic, only one glass mason jar was accidentally broken. Success!


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