Quick, quality progress

The groups continue to build on the experience by rapidly evolving drafts of each of their deliverables.

Group 1 has written the mission, goals and objectives of the exhibition that will drive future decisions. They took an opportunity to prototype the tone, length, and content of some of the informational panels that visitors will read.

Group 2 has been designing the visitor experience, testing pathways visitors may take when walking though the exhibition. The next step is to test the heights of panels, the iPad interactive and other interactives so that visitors can easily engage with the content.

Group 3 has chosen colors and created preliminary panel designs. They are developing and prototyping an iPad app for the exhibition where visitors can create their own playlists of their sounds of home.

The individual exhibition pieces are designed and ordered so the aluminum pieces could be assembled and tested before the Science Festival.

Working with SFI! partner Art Guild, some of the team members gathered to assemble aluminum slotted framing system that will house the exhibition. The team spent time becoming familiar with the system and assembling pieces. They are prepared to troubleshoot any unexpected issues during installation and the Science Carnival!


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