Space 1026

SFI! GatheringA new year brings a new semester for the SFI! team. Philadelphia Public History Truck and SFI! installed the prototypes at Space 1026 to highlight process and iteration in the project so far. While the show was installed, the team had their first class meeting and brought in some of the participants from the summer charrette to talk about next steps and hear great advice.

During this session, the teams tried to answer some questions about their work and the work of the group that will help them start the next semester running.

Team 1 reflected on responses from the data they collected and dove into a discussion about quality vs. quantity. Recognizing the importance of the questions they asked, Team 1 discussed the challenges of using questions in a way that still feels like there is a story being told, not a survey being taken.

Team 2 highlighted the strengths of each group’s prototype to recognize pieces SFI! should bring forward in the next iteration. They even listed some traits that all four projects had in common: the ability to personalize, focus on forming an emotional connection, and fun!

Team 3 reviewed the process and results of taking video at each installation. They also discussed the importance of concepts behind each team’s prototype and moving those concepts forward, even if the physical structure does not.

Team 4 focused on aspects of the projects they think are crucial in the next iteration. The projects were fun and interactive, focused on unity of visitors, and place emphasis on the content created by visitors. Rather than placing the information they provide to the side, their submissions help create better experiences for others.

Thanks to the help of the guests from the summer charrette, the SFI! team left the session with some ideas about challenges, opportunities, and considerations moving forward.


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