Semester Kick-Off

A new year for SFI! has begun. Erin Bernard, founder of the Philadelphia Public History Truck, leads the class this semester in an exploration of home in the neighborhood of Chinatown North. Four students from last year are ambassadors for the new group. Grad students from both first and second years of UArts’ Museum Exhibition Planning + Design program will work with the students, prototyping ways to engage the community of Chinatown North and encourage them to share stories, history, hopes, fears, and opinions of their neighborhood.

In the first week of class, the SFI! team brought in pictures of what home is to them. Sharing their stories prompted discussion about the various definitions of home the students described. They explored the personal nature of home: memories linked to people, objects, and places. They also discussed aspects of home that are not necessarily linked to something physical, but a feeling: safety, comfort, relaxation.

This thoughtful group will move forward with these considerations of home as they investigate ways to engage the Chinatown North in a discussion about identity, home, and the future of their neighborhood.



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