Guidance from the Field

Throughout the semester, students had professionals from the field give guest lectures and project recommendations. On February 27th, Beth Van Why, director of exhibition operations at the National Constitution Center gave a materials lecture to the students. Van Why is an expert in exhibition materials and gave feedback and suggestions on possible materials for the structure. The group discussed different types of plastic, printable fabric and conditional requirements for such materials. In addition to hearing from Van Why, the team had guest lectures from architect Gerry Gutierrez and David Egner from fabrication company Art Guild.

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The team visited Art Guild on Friday April 17th, where David Egner, vice president for museum services gave them a tour and spoke with them about their project. Art Guild built the interactive for this project and helped to inform students about the fabrication process. During the visit, Egner showed the students their prototyping area, where they were working on interactive for the Franklin Institute. Students found this to be particularly exciting because they recognized the pieces from their visit to the Franklin’s prototyping lab last fall; they were able to see an interactive in different stages in the fabrication process. After visiting the prototyping space, Egner took the team on a tour of the large warehouse, where they were able to view large format printers and CNC machines. Towards the end of the visit students were able to ask questions about their particular project and general information about Art Guild.

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