Free Library of Bustleton and Philadelphia Science Festival Launch!

During the course of the semester, professors Kelsey Lind and Alexandra Seder worked collaboratively with their students to co-create the How Do You View Your Generation? interaction which successfully launched at Philadelphia Science Festival last Saturday. The team started the day by setting up their booth alongside the right exterior wall of the Franklin Institute. Armed with their beautiful plexi puzzle pieces, colored markers and generation didactic graphics, the team launched their interactive. The festival was projected to have at least 40,000 visitors and displayed vast booths filled with people, interactives and experiments. Lind and Seder had tested the interactive on the Tuesday prior at the Free Library of Bustleton.

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On the day of the festival, SLA and String Theory students worked in shifts to administer the interaction, guiding visitors through the process and reconfiguring the puzzle when needed. The interaction had responses from all the generations present at the festival and was so popular with visitors it ran out of puzzle pieces in the end. Participants responded to questions such as What was a struggle of your generation? with deep and contemplative answers, for example “cyber bullying.” In addition to thoughtfully contemplating generational differences and hardships, visitors playfully interacted with the larger puzzle, reading answers and snapping pictures. Overall, the day yielded successful interactions from the vast numbers of visitors and allowed the students and team members to see their year-long project successfully facilitate visitor interaction and conversation.

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