Design Development Kick-off Presentation

For the initial project presentation and kick-off, the students reported on the design development of the How Do You View Your Generation? interactive. Taking the design of the art community prototype and the content of Don’t Box Me from last semester, the students pitched new design solutions for the evolution of the project. Sting Theory and SLA students were divided into smaller groups and were asked to sketch concepts and ideas for the physicality of the interactive.

Designs of large structures capable of withstanding visitor interaction were pitched. Two of the groups sketched domed structures, and others presented more angular designs. Besides the slight differences in design, the students all agreed that the sculptures needed to be able to withstand visitor interaction being applied to it, such as writing or drawing. In addition, the groups decided that colored markers would indicate the different generations and that they wanted visitors to walk away from the interactive thinking differently about the generations, past, present and future.

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