We’re back!

Spark Fuel Ignite is back, and working towards taking the prototypes developed last semester into their finished application. This semester functions a little differently than last, for starters the class is now being held under the continuing education program at the University of the Arts, and has both students from String Theory High School and Science Learning Academy at Beeber. The students will be working together to finalize designs, both graphically and architecturally, as well as budget, and facilitate the construction of the project. The project, as it stands today, will take the design of the Art community prototype and the content from the Youth community prototype to make three interactive sculptures that will live in different locations during the Science Festival this spring.

The official course description is as follows:

This course will shift focus from prototyping done in the fall to fabrication of 3 copies of one pop-up temporary exhibit that will be installed in three locations to create conversations within the community it serves. These conversations will be focused on four levels of generations sparked through different provocative questions, with both written and visual answers provided by the visitors tagging and adding responses to the exhibit. The three exhibits will only be added to when there is a facilitator but can be viewed by the public during the times it is on display. The tags and input will be vetted and curated by you (the students) the team to keep the most informative and provoking responses. These responses will be positioned and repositioned also by you, the student teams for maximum impact. The three installation locations are:

  • TFI (on the Parkway in 10×10 booth),
  • a community library partner such as Cecil B. Moore (final library representative and location TBD)
  • the University of the Arts (located in STHS for the weekend of Science Festival)

During the first class back, professors Alexandra Seder and Kelsey Lind reviewed the syllabus with the students and explained the class structure for the semester. After covering the logistics, Seder and Lind had the students participate in an architectural warm-up involving line weight called Nine Squares. Additionally, the students created fast sketches and covered architectural scale basics. After completing the exercise, the students pinned up their work and critiqued one another. This first encounter with design process created the foundation for their work and scenarios for the semester to come. Armed with skills, passion and leadership the class will proceed into the exciting world of exhibition design.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Over the next few weeks the students will be focused on completing drawing packets and client presentations. It’s going to be an explorative and exciting semester!


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